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'Rain' (Official Video) Released!!!

Nyasia Chane'l just released the official video to her smash hit "Rain" stream it now on her VEVO channel!!

"Rain" by Nyasia Chane'l is a sultry and romantic R&B song that captures the feeling of wanting to fully commit to a new love. Inspired by SWV, Ashanti and New Edition Nyasia's offering can be added to the list of classic "elemental love songs"

Directed by: Nyasia Chane'l

Cinematography by: Shot By Ishan

Written by: Nyasia L. Harris Dajour Neufville & Jayson "J-Didda" Butler

Label: Creative & Soulful Entertainment LLC

Distribution by: AWAL/Sony Orchard

★ Intro ★



Oh oh oh

Say yea

Nyasia Chane’l





Yea Yea

★ Verse 1 ★

Focus baby you gotta make me sweat (You Gotta Make Me Sweat)

Give it to me

Something you won't regret (won′t regret now)

You know its 'bout that time (time)

Come in close the blinds (Close the blinds)

Baby won't you be mine (Be Mine Mine Mine Mine)

I got a proposition come and get what you been missing (Missing)

I′ll give you everything that you been wanting if you listen (Come and listen)

I love thе way you put it on me make my body shake (Shakе, shake)

I′ll give you shelter from the storm so baby come and rain (Come and rain)

★ Chorus ★

Rain on me

Boy I

I really love it when you rain on me

Cause I want you to just

I need you to just rain

Rain on me

Rain (rain) on me

Rain on me (me)

Rain on me baby

★ Verse 2 ★

Caressing on my body

Watching how you kiss it slow

Need you to do me right

Ease into my overflow

Push me up

As my hands come down

Trembling at your tongue

While we going rounds

Love when you hit it right

What's that?

What′s this?

Saying to me you wanna fall in love

Gripping it tight you can't get enough

Wait for me now I′m almost finished

Lose myself everytime you in it

Oh you take my soul from me when you all on me

Make it rain on me yeah

★ Bridge ★


Rain on me

Boy I want you to just

And I need you to just Rain... Rain

Rain on me... Take your time with me noooo Rain on me

And If I beg you please fulfil my fantasy

Rain on me

Take your time with me no

★ Chorus ★

Rain on me (Mo pressure, Mo pressure, Mo pressure)

Boy I

I really love it when you rain on me (Giving me pleasure, Mo pleasure)

Cause I want you to just (Mo pleasure)

I need you to Just

Rain on me

Rain (rain) on me

Rain on Me

Rain on me baby

Official Song Link: 

Instagram: @Nyasia_Chanel_

Twitter(X): @Nyasia_Chanel_

Fb: @itsNyasiachanel

Tiktok: @NyasiaChanel


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