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The Hotrod Show Episode: "Fantasy" With Nyasia Chane'l

The Hotrod Show | Nyasia Chane'l "Fantasy" "Step into the world of fantasy with The Hotrod Show's latest episode! Dive deep into captivating conversations with the talented Nyasia Chane'l as she shares her musical journey, R&B vibes, and soulful singing styles. From her roots to her latest album "Midsummer dream" and new hit single "Rain," explore her classics and gain insights into the music industry. Plus, get a glimpse into her dating perspectives, how she wants to be loved and more. Don't miss out on this enchanting discussion! Share your thoughts in the comments and join the conversation."

Instagram: @thehotrodshow49/thehotrodshow_49

TikTok: @thehotrodshow49

YouTube: @thehotrodshow49

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